HP releases TouchSmart PCs and 42-inch HD digital touch display

HP releases TouchSmart PCs and 42-inch HD digital touch display
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HP has burst forth and launched a range of multi-touch computing products comprising three new TouchSmart PCs and a fully-functional interactive 42-inch HD digital signage display, the HP LD4200. The company has also upgraded its multi-touch notebook range with new touch features.

HP says its new consumer TouchSmart PCs – in a choice of 20-inch (TouchSmart 300) or 23-inch (TouchSmart 600) diagonal wide-screen models – feature exclusive built-for-touch applications, such as:

  • Hulu Desktop, which provides access to Hulu’s library of hit TV shows, movies and video clips from nearly 200 leading content companies;
  • A touch-enabled Netflix application that delivers thousands of streamed full-screen TV episodes and movies. Using HP’s signature fan view, Netflix members can instantly watch a move from their Instant Queue on the PC or remove a movie from their Queue via touch;
  • Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service;
  • HP Music Store - using Rhapsody as the engine - for streamed, on-demand access to 8 million songs;
  • Pandora Internet Radio, touch-enabled for free personalized music;
  • TouchSmart RecipeBox - aspiring chefs can access recipes and cook hands-free with voice commands;
  • TouchSmart Live TV, allowing quick access for watching, recording and time-shifting live, local TV via an EPG;
  • TouchSmart Canvas, enabling customers to organize and display photos on a virtual canvas;
  • TouchSmart Link, which lets users transfer photos from a mobile device to the TouchSmart PC via Bluetooth.
  • HP says users can rotate, arc, flip, press or drag a finger across the screen of the PC, accessing information in a natural, intuitive way. A wireless keyboard and mouse increases functionality.

    Customers with previous TouchSmart PC models, who upgrade to Windows 7 through the HP Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program, will receive software with some of these new touch applications.

    The TouchSmart monitors, which have a new swivel stand and tilt webcam, can easily be wall mounted (with optional wall bracket accessory) and all models meet ENERGY STAR® 5.0 requirements. Some models of the HP TouchSmart 600 easily connect to gaming consoles, including Xbox, PlayStation and Wii, via HDMI or composite video ports.

    Multi-touch consumer notebooks

    The HP TouchSmart tx2 combines comprehensive computing with tablet PC capabilities, and is the first notebook PC for consumers that requires only two fingers to navigate HP’s entertainment applications. The HP TouchSmart tx2 features most of the same touch applications as the HP TouchSmart PC, as well as exclusive touch-enabled games and Corel® Painter Sketch Pad for creating digital art.

    The HP TouchSmart tx2 weighs 4.65lbs, features a 12.1-inch diagonal WGXA HD HP LED wide-screen integrated touch-screen convertible display, AMD Turion dual-core processors.

    The convertible design has a twist hinge to allow users to enjoy the HP TouchSmart tx2 in three modes: PC, display and tablet. It has a rechargeable digital ink pen which turns the HP TouchSmart tx2 into a tablet PC to write, sketch, draw, take notes or graph right onto the screen – and then automatically convert handwriting into typed text.

    For those who need a lot of grunt from their PCs, HP believes its multitouch-enabled business PC, the HP TouchSmart 9100 Business PC, has the features they need. It provides real-time information, videoconferencing capabilities and multimedia features in a 23-inch diagonal full HD widescreen display.

    New enhancements on the HP TouchSmart 9100 include:

    • DVI output, enabling customers to connect to full HD format displays and projectors;
    • Configure-to-order options designed to meet the needs of businesses, including a choice of genuine Microsoft Windows® 7 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, (6) processors, optical drives, hard drives, solid state drives, Kensington locks, HP Protect Tools and HP BIOS to enable USB ports and SATA device lock down, and retasking of button controls for custom kiosk configurations;
    • Optional wall-mount adapters;
    • Premium performance with a powerful Intel Core2 Duo processor, Genuine Windows 7 Professional, up to 8GB of memory, up to a 500GB hard drive or an optional 64GB solid state drive;
    • NVIDIA GeForce G200 integrated graphics or upgrade to NVIDIA GeForce GT230 discrete graphics using the Mobile Express Module (MXM) graphics slot;
    • New standard onsite warranty providing next-day business servicing;
    • FireWire output for quick and easy transfer of digital files;
    • Optional wireless keyboard and mouse;
    • Optional Blu-ray combo optical disk drive.

    The HP TouchSmart for business uses 55 percent less metal and 37 percent less plastic than standard PCs and monitors, and has power settings to save energy without interfering with the PC’s ability to perform.

    HP’s first fully interactive, 42-inch, HD digital signage display

    The HP LD4200 is a 42-inch diagonal digital signage unit, built to to be displayed and used in retail and public indoor environments.

    It features infrared technology, which recognizes multi-touch gestures for onscreen interaction in 1,920 x 1,080 full HD native resolution to provide crisp views of video, graphics or text, in both bright and dim lighting. Additionally, an ultra-wide 178° x 178° viewing angle enables observation from almost any angle and, unlike TV screens, the HP LD4200tm is built to run 24/7 with low power usage while maintaining longevity. It also comes with a standard three-year limited warranty.

    Pricing and availability

    The HP TouchSmart 300 is priced from US$899 and should be available November 1. The HP TouchSmart 600 starts at US$1,049 and is due October 22. The HP TouchSmart tx2 costs from US$799 and is also expected in October. The HP TouchSmart 9100 starts at US$1,299 and will be available in December, as will the HP LD4200 42-inch widescreen LCD monitor, which begins at US$2,799.

    1 comment
    1 comment
    I own a touchsmart and it has its good and bad (what doesn't?)
    Good: looks awesome, slick form factor, wireless mouse and keyboard (which slips under the unit when not in use). Nice little light under the unit softly illuminates the keyboard for night-time use and typing without having to have on a table lamp. Built-in wireless works great, as does the built-in DVD burner. Beautiful screen, color, contrast. Bad: Had to have it serviced twice in the first three months: failed memory chip replaced, and a failed touchscreen which wouldn't calibrate. Ouch. Touchscreen still randomly activates (dust activating the side finger sensor cameras?) The unit tilts back slightly for stability on its stand, so the webcam points over the users head a bit (cuts them off at the chin). It would be nice if they made these built-in cams with a little bit of swivel motion to compensate. Otherwise, sitting on a stool is required for a centered picture.
    I love the ideas of a touchscreen, but it's fatiguing to be always reaching out with an outstretched arm constantly to do things... so we use the mouse all the time instead. Nice idea, but just not a great time for 3 or 4 hours of web-surfing.
    I like the HiDef hookup for an HTPC setup, but why not just make it HDMI? Who want's to bother with a DVI/HDMI converter?
    Cheers, Doc