McLaren has continued the drip-feed of info about its upcoming P1 GTR. The company is aiming for the racing version of its P1 supercar to be the world's greatest track car, and it has some suitably mind-boggling specs. Now, a stripped down interior and F1-based steering wheel have also been revealed.

News that McLaren was working on the P1 GTR was initially released in June this year and included word that it would pack 986 hp (735 kw). That's serious business. Serious enough to put it right amongst the most powerful cars in the world, and a considerable increase from the production model's 903 hp (673 kw).

Whilst additional concept imagery was released in July, the concept was only first seen in the flesh at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August. Its muscular exterior certainly seemed to match the heavyweight power specs, but tinted windows meant we were left guessing as to the what form the P1 GTR's interior might take.

The answer to that, we now know, is a stripped-down, functional and high-tech form. McLaren says it has done away with everything but the essentials to minimize weight. The 90-kg (198-lb) carbon fiber MonoCage chassis is brought over from the road-going version of the car, and carbon fiber seat-shells also help to keep weight down. The seats themselves are DTM-style, with full six-point motorsport harnesses.

The main event in the cockpit is the newly developed steering wheel. The design is based on that of the 2008 championship-winning MP4-23 Formula 1 car, and aims to make all of the controls as easily accessible and user-friendly as possible, even when the driver is wearing a full race suit and helmet. Mode switches and other key controls are located in the center of the wheel, so that they can be easily accessed without the driver needing to take their hands off the wheel.

Testing for the P1 GTR is ongoing at various locations and the car is due to go into production in June of next year.

Source: McLaren

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