Though embracing small footprint living doesn't always require one deal with a challenging interior layout, a compact home that's designed to be flexible certainly bodes well for a harmonious lifestyle. It would appear that MAPA Architects had this in mind with its Minimod (or Minimal Modular) prototype home, which sports an adaptable interior layout comprising four living spaces.

Minimod measures 27 sq m (290 sq ft), and comprises a lightweight steel frame enclosed by plywood and glass. Its simple rectangular box-like appearance doesn't really break the mold, but is easy enough on the eyes. Unlike the similar Passion House M1, Minimod doesn't look suited to handle challenging climes, but those large glass windows and a partly-ventilated facade should be just fine for life in warmer areas. It's also raised on stilts to avoid ground moisture.

Though still in the development stage and so subject to potential change, Brazil and Uruguay-based MAPA Architects told Gizmag that it plans to make the homes available for purchase in the next few months at a price of roughly US$1,000 per sq m (or $27,000 for the model shown), not including foundations, land-removal costs, or plumbing and power facilities.

Each unit will be prefabricated in a factory with a build time of around 45 days, before being transported via truck and placed into position by crane.

Customers will have the choice of sticking with the layout featured here, which has a bedroom, living room, kitchen dining room, and a bathroom – or if preferred, they can tailor the home to suit their own needs. Some furniture is included as standard, such as air-conditioning, wardrobe mini fridge, and mini-oven. Lighting is provided by efficient LED bulbs.

Minimod isn't designed to operate off-the-grid as standard, though could be fitted with solar panels and a composting toilet. It does, however, sport a green roof and rainwater tank which combine to filter and reuse rainwater.

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