For many people, canoes are something that should be rustic and understated. If you aren't among those people, however, then you might like the exquisite Monocoque Paddle Canoe from Milan-based design firm Borromeo & De Silva.

The hull of the canoe is made from carbon fiber with fine copper wire woven into it. According to the designers, the addition of the copper "gives depth to the texture and shimmers under the sunlight making the surfaces come alive, mimicking the shimmering sun reflecting on the water."

The deck of the boat, on the other hand, is made from hand-laid teak wood. Additionally, the manner in which the paddles tuck into the sides for transport is intended as a subtle homage to the rear fins of classic Cadillacs.

A small electric motor is now being integrated into what is currently a one-off creation, although commercial production is reportedly a possibility. If you just can't wait to spend a lot of money on a fancy human-powered watercraft, though, you could always check out the Bootlegger mahogany stand-up paddle board.

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