For some people, there's nothing quite so exquisite as a classic wooden motorboat. Well, Minneapolis-based entrepreneur Kevin Fitzke has taken that aesthetic and applied it to the stand-up paddle board. The resulting watercraft, known as The Bootlegger, is definitely a beauty to behold.

Inspired by "prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 1920s," The Bootlegger is made of marine-grade resin-impregnated mahogany plywood. The wooden sheets are joined together using a two-part epoxy, and finished with marine-grade stain, varnish and paint.

Strategically-placed aluminum strips help guard against paddle dents and transportation dings, while 5mm-thick SeaDek foam pads provide grip and comfort for the user's feet.

Because it's bound to be scratching up against rocks and whatnot, the bottom of the board is reinforced with an outer layer of fiberglass. And in a nod to its prohibition-inspired design, The Bootlegger also features a little hidey-hole on the deck, where users can stash things like shoes, phones or lunches.

The whole thing is 12' 6" long (3.8 m), 28.5 inches wide (0.7 m), and weighs 36 to 39 lb (16 to 18 kg). Each one is built-to-order by hand, with prices starting at US$3,800. Fitzke informs us that another model is in the works – called Miss Moonshine – that has an open deck.

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