• Although stand-up paddleboards are eco-friendly to use, they're typically made of not-so-green substances. German scientists are trying to change that, with a board made of sustainable materials – obtained partially from old wind turbine blades.
  • Although there already are exercise machines that simulate skiing, rowing and other sports, they're usually separate devices that are fairly large. Whipr takes a different approach, consisting of a base unit that works with multiple attachments.
  • ​Stand-up paddleboards may be a lot of fun on the water, but they can also be a hassle to store and transport – especially if your vehicle doesn't have a roof rack. Massachusetts-based startup Artech is out to change that, however, with its modular Easy Eddy.
  • ​John Wink, SlingBoard's creator, says that his big-wheeled roller combines all the best bits of paddleboarding, skateboarding and mountain biking. Essentially a longboard with a widened deck and a special pole for propulsion, the land paddler is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter.​
  • ​It was just last year that we heard about The Bootlegger, a retro mahogany stand-up paddle board made by Minneapolis-based artisan Kevin Fitzke. While it's a beauty to behold, it also costs US$3,299. Well, Fitzke is now back, with the less-pricey but still-classy Speakeasy.
  • The growth of stand-up paddleboarding has brought to market some interesting accessories, including a few paddleboard-top tents. But what if you want to sit? Utah's Traft is working on a packraft-tent for paddling through the days and snoring through the nights.
  • The latest player in the man trailer segment, the Reacha sports utility trailer can be pulled by hand or by bike and uses a modular design to better adjust to your needs. It also breaks down into a shoulder bag for easy carry and storage.
  • For some people, there's nothing quite so exquisite as a classic wooden motorboat. Well, Minneapolis-based entrepreneur Kevin Fitzke has taken that aesthetic and applied it to the stand-up paddle board.
  • ​The sport of paddleboarding is booming, and as a result we're seeing people take to the water in craft of all shapes and sizes. The latest to wade onto the scene features a handlebar running right through its center, which users can push and pull to propel themselves across the water. ​​
  • French paddleboarding company Hold Up offers a solution for paddleboard camping, a bivy sack-size, single-person paddleboard tent that paddles to camp atop the board, then pitches around that board to create a cozy shelter. The company's dual-blade SUP paddle is pretty cool, too.
  • Now that 2016's jetting toward a close, we've gone back through our coverage to bring you our very favorite water toys in a list that includes multifunctional jet drives, floating multi-person lounges, folding and inflatable watercraft, deep-diving personal submarines and more.
  • ​If you're a serious kayaker or canoeist, then chances are you already know how to get in and out of your boat while it's sitting alongside a dock. Should you just be renting one for a bit of fun, though … well, that's where the EZ Personal Launch enters the picture.
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