• Six years ago we first heard about the MyCanoe, a two-person canoe that folds up like origami for transit and storage. Its makers are now back on Kickstarter with the smaller, lighter MyCanoe Solo 2.
  • Although pedal-powered boats do exist, most use either a propeller or flapping fins. Ben Kilner's one-off Jamima Paddleduck takes a different approach, with two rear paddles mounted on a bike frame – and the setup has some definite selling points.
  • When we last heard about Belgian startup Onak, it was debuting an improved version of its origami-style folding canoe. Now, Onak is back with a considerably smaller and less costly boat, called the Bato.
  • Among other items, serious canoeists are advised to carry an extra paddle (in case they lose one) and a bilge pump (in case their boat gets swamped). The Paddle Pump is designed to make things simpler, by combining both tools in one device.
  • It can be difficult, lifting a kayak up onto a vehicle's roof rack by yourself, and then reaching up and over the boat to strap it to that rack. These challenges prompted Indiana-based inventor Ira Mercurio to create the easier-loading EZ Rec Rack.
  • ​With the original Onak "origami" canoe, you could cycle to the canal or coastline with a trolley in tow, unpack and assemble at the water's edge and then throw in your gear and paddle away . The updated Onak 2.0 offers much the same experience, but comes with a few welcome improvements.​
  • For many people, canoes are something that should be rustic and understated. If you aren't among those people, however, then you might like the exquisite Monocoque Paddle Canoe from Milan-based design firm Borromeo & De Silva.
  • ​Canoeing may indeed be a lot of fun, but the boats themselves aren't exactly made for being stored in small spaces, or transported via small cars. That's why MyCanoe was created. It folds up and can be carried in a couple of bags, yet reportedly only takes about 10 minutes to be made seaworthy.
  • Now that 2016's jetting toward a close, we've gone back through our coverage to bring you our very favorite water toys in a list that includes multifunctional jet drives, floating multi-person lounges, folding and inflatable watercraft, deep-diving personal submarines and more.
  • ​If you're a serious kayaker or canoeist, then chances are you already know how to get in and out of your boat while it's sitting alongside a dock. Should you just be renting one for a bit of fun, though … well, that's where the EZ Personal Launch enters the picture.
  • The Belgian-designed Onak canoe follows in much the same form as the Oru folding kayak, but it offers room for three plus gear. Because you don't always want to paddle alone.
  • The Tandem is a canoe for those that like to get some face time with each other on the water. Instead of paddling, the two passengers pedal the canoe along while sitting facing each other.
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