If you're a serious kayaker or canoeist, then chances are you already know how to get in and out of your boat while it's sitting alongside a dock. Should you just be renting one for a bit of fun, though … well, perhaps you could use some help, especially if you don't want to go for an unexpected swim. That's where the EZ Personal Launch enters the picture.

Using EZ-Dock's EZ Launch as its inspiration, the rotationally-molded Personal Launch attaches to the side of an existing floating dock. There, it cradles the boat (or paddleboard) up out of the water, while the user climbs in.

Once they're ready to go, they just place their paddle in the grooves of the so-called "horizontal ladder" and use it to pull themselves forward. A V-shaped cutout in the launch's platform centers the boat as it slides into the water. Getting back out is much the same.

A company rep tells us that the EZ Personal Launch is priced at US$1,400. You can see a sped-up demo of it, in the following video.

Source: EZ-Dock