• While we have seen motorized kayaks before, most of them simply utilize an outboard motor, or they don't have the form factor of a true kayak. The Czech-made eMogi, however, looks fairly conventional, and has its own integrated electric motor.
  • While some people like the idea of kayaking, they may be put off by how cumbersome the boats are to transport, and how tippy they can be. The Super Kayak – currently on Kickstarter – is made to address both concerns.
  • If you want a kayak (that isn't inflatable), you typically also need a car with a suitable roof rack. German product designer Daniel Schult has come with an alternative, however, in the form of a folding kayak that can be carried like a backpack.
  • When you're out sea kayaking, it's likely that you might stop for a break on a beach. The Tupik Kayaker Fly provides shelter from the sun when you do, by quickly attaching to two kayaks and their paddles.
  • While sit-on-top kayaks have become very popular with anglers, most of the boats are fairly tubby, heavy, plastic-bodied things. Apex Watercraft's Tyr is different, though, in that it's sleek, lightweight, and made of carbon fiber.
  • While kayaks are great for exploring your local waterways, they're also pretty awkward to transport – especially if you don't have a car-top carrier. The Tucktec is designed with that in mind, as it folds together from a single sheet of plastic.
  • Already the go-to for light, packable origami-inspired kayaks, Oru is now launching its lightest, most portable model to date. Sized down for the everyday commute, the new grab-and-go Inlet kayak rides to the water on your shoulder and sets up in well under five minutes.
  • It can be difficult, lifting a kayak up onto a vehicle's roof rack by yourself, and then reaching up and over the boat to strap it to that rack. These challenges prompted Indiana-based inventor Ira Mercurio to create the easier-loading EZ Rec Rack.
  • ​Although fishing from a boat can be way more effective than casting from the shore, many anglers don't want to tow a motorboat behind their vehicle, or mount a kayak on its roof. That's where the KingFisher comes in. It's a modular fishing trimaran kayak that can be transported inside a car.
  • Sand and water: there's plenty of both at Lake Havasu, Arizona, making it a bit of a mecca for high-octane vehicles built to tear across both the desert and the lake. Here are our photo highlights from the Southwest's biggest motorsports and outdoor recreation expo.
  • ​It was back in 2012 that we first heard about the Oru, a touring kayak that can be folded up origami-style when not in use. Well, after releasing a couple of other solo-paddler models in the intervening years, its makers have now unveiled the two-person Oru Haven.
  • ​California's Oru Kayak has found great success with its origami-inspired approach to boatbuilding. The refreshed Coast XT is its flagship model for 2018, and continues the company's evolution by incorporating a few new bells and whistles that promise faster setup and better stability. ​
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