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New web real estate search functionality and a new brokerage model

New web real estate search functionality and a new brokerage model
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March 23, 2006 If you’ve ever searched for a home, you’ll know how advantageous the internet can be, yet you’ll also realize that there’s so much more that it can offer and that future web functionality holds enormous promise. At least some of that promise has been realized with the Envirian Mapper – very useful functionality that also brings a new real estate brokerage model to the table. Envirian has pioneered the integration of the Google mapping and satellite imaging systems with the display of properties listed for sale on the multiple listing service. Envirian's technology makes searching for a new home much more efficient and as with many technological advances, fun. We've written before about this type of web technology.

Registered users of the Envirian San Francisco site can view listed properties on the map that are color coded by price. The old real estate adage of finding the least expensive property in the more expensive locations has now become easier.

The new technology is only half the story. Envirian is also the only national company to provide a continuous supply of Internet generated leads to its agents and offer a generous commission split. Other companies either do one or the other. How is Envirian able to accomplish what other companies cannot? Part of the answer may be that the founders cut their teeth on Internet lead generation with a company called e-agent. However, a lean corporate structure and a commitment to keeping the operation simple is also part of the answer.

As technology continues to impact the traditional real estate business model, Envirian looks to have set a new benchmark for both the consumer and the real estate agent. No doubt there will be further advances, but if you’re in the real estate business (from any angle), this is worth a look!

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