While there are plenty of iPhone and iPod speaker docks on the market, you’d be hard-pressed to find one which screams “PARTY” as loud as the Philips FWP3200D does. Indeed, we’re not quite sure what inspired Philips to put out such an over the top product, but whether the office water fountain was spiked or an intern was let loose in the design department, somebody over there is clearly in the mood for a good time, and who are we to argue?

The FWP3200D contains everything one needs to get a soiree off to a good start, with an integrated lighting system throwing out various colors from flashing speaking rings in time to the beat. As standard, Philips rates the system as outputting 300 W RMS, though an additional FWP1000 speaker with accompanying integrated lighting system can be added to offer a further 240 W for £199 (roughly US $309).

The FWP3200D supports two devices at once and various iPhone and iPod models can be used. Whichever Apple devices you choose, they'll be parked on a rotatable dock which is located where the turntable would usually be on a classic vinyl DJ setup, allowing the audience to spin the device around and pick tunes too.

As far as actual DJ'ing goes, the FWP3200D is unlikely to inspire anyone to throw away their analog Technics decks, but it does still sport some rudimentary tools, such as dual microphone sockets and that all-important crossfade for switching between the two input sources. Support for the popular djay iOS app is also baked-in.

Aside from support for Apple's iPhone and iPod, the FWP32000D can be connected to other sound sources via a 3.5 mm line-in and DJ's can also access music which resides on USB sticks. There's an FM radio for good measure, while an LED display provides visual feedback and Philips includes a remote with the unit too.

At present, Philips seems to only be offering the FWP3200D for purchase in the U.K., at a price of £299.99 ($470). The promo video below shows off the party-starting skills of the FWP3200D in full.

Source: Philips via SlashGear

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