• Pioneer has been one of the top makers of DJ gear for decades, releasing the world's first top-loading CD deck for pro use way back in 1994. The DJ brand broke away in 2014, and has now launched the first products under the AlphaTheta name.
  • Ever wondered what it would sound like if Michael Jackson, Cardi B and Jay-Z made a song together? Now you can find out with a new app that uses AI to help you make a mashup of your favorite songs – no DJing experience required.
  • French DJ and music producer David Guetta has discovered AI tools, and thought it would be fun to use an unauthorized deepfake of Eminem's voice to rev up a huge crowd at a live show. It looks like it worked, but it raises legal and ethical questions.
  • ​Back in 2011, we brought news of a MIDI controller called the Emulator that promised to bring the club DJ out of the dark corner and take center stage. The company behind the transparent multi-touch system has now gone all-glass for the gloriously stylish XG touch controller.​
  • More and more, electronic instruments like synthesizers and drum machines have been nudging their way into a DJ's sonic arsenal. Pioneer DJ has collaborated with Dave Smith Instruments to create another tool for music producers, a monophonic synthesizer named the Toraiz AS-1.
  • Plenty of DJs have a cheesy taste in music, but none have ever taken it so far as to play their records on a pizza box. They can now though, courtesy of Pizza Hut's newly-created playable pizza box turntables, which connect to DJ software on a laptop or mobile device to put pizza fans in the mix.
  • With everyone carrying around music libraries in their pockets, portable DJ tools like the iRig MIX made anyone with an iPhone or iPad wired for sound. Rugged speaker maker Braven brings mixing on the move to the wireless generation with the release of the Fuse.
  • The UK's Tibo Electronics has announced the launch of the all-in-one Urban 500 DJ station, which sits a media controller atop a 500 W speaker tower with wheels on the bottom to help you trundle to your next gig.
  • The days of a DJ turning up with a bag full of records to play on a pair of turntables are long gone. Today, digital music has largely taken vinyl's place and you don't even need the files on your computer any more. The new Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 allows DJs to mix tracks directly from Spotify.
  • The Openmix is billed as the world's smallest audio mixer, and crams a miniature audio crossfader into a plastic case not much bigger than an iPod shuffle. It allows anyone to mix tracks from any pair of audio source devices sporting output jacks, such as smartphones, tablets or MP3 players.
  • Pioneer has announced the forthcoming release of a new professional turntable for DJs who prefer to spin and scratch vinyl. The PLX-1000 features a familiar layout, precision pitch control and a high torque direct drive mechanism.
  • With just about every aspect of music production going digital, one budding DJ is looking to march to the beat of his own drum. Tuna Knobs are physical controls that work on any capacitive touchscreen to bring tactile feedback to music production applications.
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