Plenty of DJs have a cheesy taste in music, but none have ever taken it so far as to play their records on a pizza box. They can now though, courtesy of Pizza Hut's newly created playable pizza box turntables, which connect to DJ software on a laptop or mobile device to put pizza fans in the mix.

Pizza Hut is no stranger to attention-grabbing gimmicks, having recently rolled out robotic staff members at one of its restaurants in Asia, but we can't help but be impressed with what it's served up on this occasion. The firm's UK arm worked with grime artist P Money and Rinse FM to design the box, which uses conductive inks printed into a bespoke circuit board.

The printed circuitry, worked up with electronics firm Novalia, is modelled on a modern DJ setup, with two turntables, a crossfader, pitch controls, cue buttons and the ability to sync music. The system is able to recognize taps, long presses and swipes of the finger.

The electronics are powered by a battery that comes with the pizza box. To get set up, users need only power up the rig, use the MIDI function to assign each of the controls to a corresponding control in the software they are using, and connect their laptop or mobile device to the software via Bluetooth. Pizza Hut says the box will work with a variety of different software, including that produced by the widely used Serato brand.

Once their kit is configured, users can then select a track for each deck using their chosen software and mix between the two using the various controls. An additional scratch function is used by moving a hand across one of the virtual turntables.

The DJ pizza box is available to claim in select UK Pizza Huts from today.

The video below shows the pizza box demonstrated by DJ Vectra.

Source: Pizza Hut

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