It wasn't too long ago that DJs would need a good-sized van to haul around the equipment needed to get a party moving. Digital mixing stations like the DDJ-WeGO, and even all-in-one powerhouses like the Urban 500, helped lighten the load. But, with everyone carrying around music libraries in their pockets, portable DJ tools like the iRig MIX made anyone with an iPhone or iPad wired for sound. Rugged speaker maker Braven brings mixing on the move to the wireless generation with the release of the Fuse.

The Fuse portable mixing console makes use of Bluetooth 4.0+EDR, and can pair with two Bluetooth source devices simultaneously. The setup can also wirelessly throw the music over to up to two Bluetooth speakers with the help of a proprietary companion app for iOS or Android.

The volume of each music source can be adjusted on the Fuse using sliders to the left and right, and each streaming channel is also treated to its own low/mid/high knobs, with an handy EQ reset button in case frequencies spin out of control. Channel blending or switching is undertaken using the crossfader across the bottom.

A Fuse disc jockey can also monitor the music via headphones plugged into the 3.5 mm jack at the front, with independent headphone volume buttons available up top. The 5.91 x 3.37 x 1.18 in (150 x 85.5 x 30 mm), 7 oz (200 g) unit also has two 3.5 mm line in ports for feeding in audio from non-BT players and an unbalanced stereo out jack for cabled connection to powered speakers.

Completing the specs is an integrated 1,200 mAh battery that's reported to offer 8 hours of mixing per charge, which is undertaken over micro-USB.

The Braven Fuse is available now for US$99.99, and you can see the system in action in the video below.

Source: Braven

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