My Plate-Mate stops mealtime mess

My Plate-Mate stops mealtime m...
My Plate-Mate
My Plate-Mate
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My Plate-Mate
My Plate-Mate
My Plate-Mate
My Plate-Mate

May 13, 2008, Young children love to be independent, particularly when it comes to mealtimes. However, enjoyment can quickly turn to frustration when they can’t get the food to stay on the spoon or their dinner goes flying off the edge of the plate. A new invention from HATCH, a US company formed by two entrepreneurial moms, may assist young children to learn the tricky art of getting food from their plate into their mouth.

My Plate-Mate is a unique spill guard that attaches to standard round child or luncheon plates (8"- 9 1/2") and helps to prevent mealtime mess. It can stop food from spilling off the plate on to the table and helps your child scoop his food on to his spoon or fork.

The device is attached by gently stretching it to match the width of the plate and then securing the plate rim into the groove and ensure My Plate-Mate is positioned in the direction your child normally scoops.

Made in the US using 100% FDA approved food grade plastic, the My Plate-Mate is PVC and latex-free. It is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave and comes in pink, white and blue. As it is lightweight, parents may choose to take it to restaurants or friends’ houses, it could prevent those disapproving glares from the Maitre De!

My Plate-Mate can also be used for the elderly, infirm or for those with special needs. It is available online at My Plate-Mate from USD$7.95.

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