Sony's PS4 details: cheaper than Xbox One, allows used games and offline mode

Sony's PS4 details: cheaper th...
Sony countered Microsoft by allowing some things that Microsoft restricted with the Xbox One
Sony countered Microsoft by allowing some things that Microsoft restricted with the Xbox One
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Sony countered Microsoft by allowing some things that Microsoft restricted with the Xbox One
Sony countered Microsoft by allowing some things that Microsoft restricted with the Xbox One
Infamous Second Son will be launching in Q1 2014
Infamous Second Son will be launching in Q1 2014
Yep, it's a PlayStation all right
Yep, it's a PlayStation all right
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When looking at the two big next-gen consoles, you could easily argue that the Xbox One has the more compelling feature set. Improved Kinect, TV integration, seamless multitasking ... it's a tantalizing offer sheet from Microsoft. But the Xbox One also has a not-so-compelling list of restrictions. Today Sony cleared up several questions about the PlayStation 4, announcing that it's both more liberated than the Xbox One, and a bit easier on the wallet.

Before we get to that, though, there's the small matter of the console itself. See, when Sony announced the system earlier this year, the company told us plenty about it, but didn't show us much of anything. It was obvious that Sony was holding out for E3, and so here it (finally) is. Feast your eyes on that hunk of black boxiness pictured above.

Launch titles

Infamous Second Son will be launching in Q1 2014
Infamous Second Son will be launching in Q1 2014

But, unlike handheld devices like smartphones or tablets, consoles don't necessarily need to be much to look at. You mostly want them to get the hell out of your way and play some great games on your TV. Fortunately, Sony has a list of those coming your way too, including a few exclusives.

We're looking at Driveclub, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Knack, all available at launch. If you can wait until Q1 2014, then you'll also get to play the next installment in the Infamous series, subtitled Second Son.

Of policies and pricing

Yep, it's a PlayStation all right
Yep, it's a PlayStation all right

That's a solid enough launch lineup, but Microsoft's Xbox restrictions left the door open to other features becoming just as important as the games. So Sony was quick to point out that, unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 will allow you to play used games with no potential for restrictions. It will also let you play offline to your heart's content: no daily online check-ins, as Microsoft requires.

Another window of opportunity for Sony came in the system's pricing. Microsoft surprised some of us with a relatively steep US$500 price tag for the Xbox One. But Sony will undercut it with a $400 cost for the PS4.

Of course, the Xbox One ships with a new Kinect included. The PS4's Eye also gives you motion gaming (albeit the controller-laden type), but it's a separate purchase. So, though Sony is looking pretty good here, this isn't going to be a cut-and-dry decision for everyone.

As for the system's release date, Sony wasn't quite as specific as Microsoft (the Xbox One releases in November). All we know about the PS4 is that it launches "this holiday season." Since it wouldn't make sense for Sony to wait until after Black Friday, October and November are probably the safest bets.

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Justin Foshee
Sony announced day one that the PlayStation Eye would be bundled with every system
It seems like a lot of people aren't happy with the direction they are taking Xbox One with the used game restriction and always on connection etc.
Our Xbox is always online and I don't think we own more than 1 or 2 used games out of several but it is the principal of it. I don't like products I buy to be parental.
The PS4 is available for pre-order on Amazon and it doesn't give a specific ship date yet aside from "before December 31, 2013" but I assume they are targeting the christmas shopping season depending on console availability. I pre-ordered only an hour after they started taking them so hopefully if they have a limited in supply my chances are still pretty good.
What bugs me most about the ps4 is the subscription you have to get in order to play online. Sony made harsh statements about that in the past and I really feel betrayed. Corporate greed at its finest.
I believe that MS said that there are no restrictions on used games/traded games, or did I miss something. MS has missed a trick with the pricing, but anyone who has both a PS3 and a 360 knows that Xbox Live obliterates Sony's pathetic PSN. If MS rethinks it's pricing strategy by using promotional offers then it's curtains for the PS4. They'll continue to be next best loser, and as for NONtendon't, they should just stick to hand helds.
Mike Zoppa
Add up all the features of each and the costs and the XBOX One is actually cheaper for what you get.
Austin Lambright
I feel that a lot of xbox fans are going to integrate to sony due to the fact that you don't have the option to transfer games between different xbox one's. Sony made a great move by allowing things like that where microsoft did not. Point Sony
Tony Ronald
MS has released a press statement saying 2nd hand games will work and you can even play your games on a friends machine without the disc....(as long as you logon and remain online.
Gregg Eshelman
Does PS4 play PS3 games? What about PS2 and PS1? Once console capable of playing four generations of games would be very nice.
A first version PS3 that has the full hardware PS2 support is the one to get if you have a lot of PS2 games.