London-based designer George Powell is developing an on-the-go charging solution that combines the practicality of a messenger bag with the convenience of wireless charging.

Powell's company WiTology is seeking to crowdfund his C-series, which is comprised of the Super Charged Urban Messenger Bag, Smart Wallet and Urban Mini Bag. The bag and the wallet both contain what Powell claims to be the "world’s first dual transmitting wireless charging power source," which uses Qi wireless technology to charge smartphones or tablets, as well as the bag itself.

The Urban Messenger includes a 20,000 mAh power source that Powell says can provide up to 10 full charges for smart phones and tablets. The Urban Wallet features a slim 2,600 mAh wireless Power source. If the the user’s phone does not support wireless charging, the device also comes with a dual purpose cable that supports Lightning and Micro-USB for both iPhone and Android phones.

The waterproof bag features a magnetic twist lock system, rechargeable LED lights for nighttime visibility. It also comes with a sling back bag version for leisure activities and a "smart strap" that incorporates an easy access pouch and the integrated "WiT" chip.

This chipset makes it possible to pair the bag or wallet with your phone via an accompanying app. A button on the bag strap or the outside of the wallet can then be used to control phone functions like the camera shutter or voice recorder.

Powell says he has completed the internal circuit boards and hardware and is now working on finalizing the design for the power source casing.

Kickstarter pledges for the Urban Messenger start at £169, while £69 puts you in line for the Smart Wallet. If all goes to plan, delivery is estimated for March 2016, worldwide.

Check out the Kickstarter video pitch below.

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