The Sagrada Família in Barcelona is a spectacular building in its own right, but when you throw a healthy dose of the latest lighting and architectural mapping technology in its direction, the facade of famous church becomes truly mesmerizing. That dose comes from Moment Factory, a new media and entertainment studio based in Montreal, Canada, which has produced a 15-minute multimedia tribute inspired by the original color sketches and words of the buildings' equally famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

Entitled Ode à la vie (Ode to Life), the seven-act show lit up the Nativity (South) facade of the Sagrada Família in "an ode to the creation of the world, humanity and life."

Sixteen video projectors, 13 computers, 25 moving lights were used to bring the intricate detail of the building to life in a production that took more than a dozen of people four and a half months to prepare.

Tens of thousands of people witnessed the three-night show over the weekend, but for those of us that weren't in Barcelona, the following video overview will have to suffice.

Incidentally, although work was begun on the Sagrada Família back in 1882, it's still a work in progress. It is hoped that the church can be completed in line with Gaudi's original designs by 2026 ... but even half-completed and in plain daylight, we rate this as one of the world's must see buildings.

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