SAM Automotive Kiosk scans, analyzes and reports on your vehicle

SAM Automotive Kiosk scans, analyzes and reports on your vehicle
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February 8, 2007 It is indeed curious to think that your car collects and stores all sorts of data, but the analysis of that data is still largely the domain of the people you pay to look after your car. Now a new service threatens to redress the balance. Smart Auto Management SAM taps into a vehicle's On Board Diagnostic system (OBD) and prints an easy-to-understand report that reveals existing or pending problems. Motorists can save time and money by connecting their vehicle to a SAM self-service kiosk that provides vital information about their vehicle, instantly and affordably, allowing them to make smart choices about vehicle maintenance, vehicle safety and the purchase and sale of used cars. SAM taps into the On Board Diagnostic System of a 1996 or newer vehicle; scans and analyzes over 2,000 system codes pertaining to the engine, transmission, safety systems, body, chassis and more; and provides a printed report on the spot. In less than 10 minutes, for US$15, SAM scans a vehicle's On Board Diagnostic system, and prints a comprehensive report on the spot that identifies any existing or potential problems with the vehicle's engine, transmission, safety systems, body, chassis, and more.

"It's a great day for drivers, now that we have SAM," says SAM spokesman, Mario Andretti. "Every vehicle owner should see SAM when something on their dash board lights up, or in advance of taking a road trip. SAM gives you a printout of information before you take your car to a mechanic -- that's valuable. And, if you see a used car you'd like to buy, SAM can tell you the real story about that car." Mario Andretti will make appearances at select SAM locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Raleigh the week of February 12, 2007.

"We developed SAM to offer motorists an easy, inexpensive way to obtain important vehicle information," says Art Jacobsen, Program Director of Smart Auto Management LLC, a subsidiary of Environmental Systems Product Holdings Inc. (ESP). "Before SAM, motorists didn't have easy access to their vehicle's OBD system. SAM allows drivers to make smart decisions that can impact vehicle maintenance costs and safety, and allows them to reach their destination with confidence."

When drivers pull up to a SAM kiosk, an instructional video will guide them through a simple four-step process: 1. Swipe a credit or debit card into SAM's secure system; 2. Scan the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with SAM's barcode scanner; 3. Connect SAM's diagnostic device to the vehicle's OBD port; 4. Receive a comprehensive SAM report on the vehicle's condition, in plain English and technical language. SAM processes the payment only after the report is printed.

SAM kiosks are currently located at automotive care and emission testing center locations across Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Raleigh and Northern California, and will be followed by a national roll out.

Current SAM partner locations include select DEKRA; Jiffy Lube; Kwik Kar and Kwik Kar Lube and Tune; and Speedemissions locations, as well as select gas stations in Northern California. SAM's affiliation with Carfax allows motorists to learn their vehicle's current operating condition as well as its history.

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