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SmartTire makes sense

SmartTire makes sense
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Another example of automotive technology bred on the racetrack, SmartTire is a tyre monitoring system that immediately alerts the driver of any drop in pressure via a dash-mounted display. Each wheel is equipped with a sensor that sends data to the display/receiver unit using a wireless radio frequency. The system is able to detect a slight drop in pressure and will sound an audible alert, indicating the problem tyre, when this falls below a designated level. If the puncture is more serious so is the warning - flashing lights and repetitive audible warnings indicate that the tyre is deflating rapidly and it's time to pull-over before doing serious damage to the wheel.

Apart from the obvious safety benefits of this constant monitoring - proposed laws in the US will make pressure monitoring devices mandatory on new vehicles - the device also makes it easier to gain optimum performance and longer life from tyres. SmarTire is available with either basic or full function display panels and the sensors can be mounted on the valve stem or strapped directly to the wheel. According to distributors Autron, a version for motorcycles is also due for release soon.

View gallery - 5 images
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