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Sollight's LightCap
Sollight's LightCap
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LightCap on Kilimanjaro
LightCap on Kilimanjaro
Sollight's LightCap
Sollight's LightCap
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September 15, 2008 Simply Brilliant, an innovative US design firm, has released two solar-powered lighting devices under the Sollight branding, which are environmentally sound, weather-proof and can provide hours of light, making them a versatile and ideal lighting solution for camping or marine activities.

The Sollight LightCap 200 fits on any ‘standard’ water bottle (with 2” wide mouth) and turns it into a solar-powered lamp which will provide light for up to six hours. The quick-charging solar panel is molded into the cap and the electronics are tightly sealed inside the cap so there is no possibility they will contaminate the contents of the bottle.

There are four SuperBright LEDs housed in a reflective lens system which enhances the brightness allowing you to have very bright light for reading or a more luminous light for dining. The LEDs are guaranteed to last for over 50,000 hours and are activated by either a sealed push-button switch or by the built-in light sensor which will turn it on and off automatically.

The cap is powered by an internal NiMH battery and the solar panel charges quickly. You can use the built-in retaining ring to turn your bottle into a lantern by using a small strap and the cap can be used as a stand-alone flashlight when it’s not attached to the bottle. The cap weighs just 2.6oz and comes in two translucent colors; clear which provides more light through the sides or smoke-colored, which emits a more subdued light.

Like the LightCap, the Sollight LightShip harnesses solar energy to provide lighting, is perfect for an emergency situation and can be used just about anywhere. It has two LEDs which provide white, bright light and after just eight hours can provide a night of lighting. It also has a built in light sensor which turns on when it begins to get dark and the NiMH battery will last for several hundred charges.

The LightShip has three silicon suction caps so you can stick it anywhere, including a window (even in your car or camper) where there is good light exposure during the day and then move it to another area when you require lighting at night. It weighs just five ounces, comes in five different colors and as it is water resistant, it can be used outdoors.

The Sollight LightCap 200 costs USD$19.95 and the LightShip costs USD $19.99 (3-pack for $49.99).

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Jack Darrington
These sound like some really great products. I\'ve been looking for some solar powered lighting options for camping equipment and these look great. I will say that as I was reading about the water bottle lamp I was a little bit skeptical and worried that the water might get contaminated as the lamp part got older and as it was used more but you you said it won\'t so it should be good.