When there's a natural disaster or bad storm, power outages are almost guaranteed. This can be an annoyance during a minor storm, but during a more serious disaster, a lack of power can mean not being able to get in touch with friends, loved ones, and in the worst of situations, help. The SOSCharger is designed to combat this by allowing users to keep their phone charged with a simple hand crank.

SOSCharger's main feature is the crank that generates power during a situation where electricity isn't available, but it also includes a 1500mAh rechargeable battery. The idea is to keep the battery charged so it's prepared when you need it, and to use the crank in an emergency once that runs out.

The crank portion of the SOSCharger will provide 5-12 minutes of talk time for every 3-5 minutes of cranking. Of course, the reason for such a wide range is the vast difference between the power demands for different phones and devices. The handle of the crank was designed to be extra long and features a grip, which is meant to make it easier to turn for an extended period of time.

A standard USB port is included, so any device that charges with a USB cable will work with the SOSCharger. Obviously, more power-hungry phones will suck down the limited charge of the battery faster, especially if there is no electricity and the hand crank is being used to power the device.

Plenty of indicator lights are included to let users know the exact status of the device. Three LEDs inform the user of how much power the SOSCharger has, and an active charge light shows whether a device is currently receiving power from it. An included power switch is included to keep the battery from draining unnecessarily during periods of non-usage.

SOS Ready, the company that created the SOSCharger, is actively seeking funding on Kickstarter. The starting goal was US$27,000, and the project has surpassed that by a large margin. The minimum pledge to purchase an SOSCharger is $35, which the company estimates will be well below the final retail price of the device. Backers should receive their chargers in August of this year.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information on the SOSCharger.

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