July 14, 2008 Some studies suggest that drinking red wine may have a number of positive health benefits; it may help to increase the levels of good cholesterol in blood, may prevent blood clots and may reduce the risk of heart attack. However, according to the American Heart Organization if people drink alcohol, they need to do so in moderation. Men should have no more than two drinks per day and women need to limit their intake to just one drink per day (one drink is equal to 12 oz. beer or 4 oz. of wine). Good news if you enjoy a tipple now and again, bad news if you’re a serious wine buff and have to find a solution to preserving the remains of the expensive bottle you’ve just opened.

Sowine is a home wine bar that enables you to preserve your bottle of wine at the perfect temperature for up to ten days. It also allows you to bring your bottles of wine to the correct temperature before serving. The air-tight refrigerated storage unit has two separate compartments that are temperature-controlled to suit the type of wine you are storing. You can store a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine at the same time as the units are completely separate. As the storage unit is air-tight, the bottles are also protected from oxidation, therefore helping to prolong the life of your wine.

The unit is mainly for home use but it would be ideal to use to transport your wine to a restaurant. If there’s any wine remaining you can take it home, particularly if it has been plucked from the valuable section of your cellar. You certainly don’t want to leave the remnants of your bottle of Romanée Conti for the waiters to quaff!

Sowine is made by EuroCave, a French company based in Lyon, in south-eastern France whose products include wine storage products and refrigerated wine cabinets. For more details see EuroCave and Sowine.

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