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Save up to $300 on these portable fire pits

Save up to $300 on these portable fire pits
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TL;DR: If you want to enjoy some time by a cozy fire this summer without all the hassle and smoke, try a Solo Stove smokeless fire pit. Sleek, modern, and with a unique design that reduces smoke output, you save up to $300 on select models of these high-tech fire pits.

Planning any backyard parties or big camping trips in the next few months? Enjoy them with a smokeless fire pit that you can take almost anywhere. This summer, you can save up to $300 on select Solo Stove portable smokeless fire pits.

Where there’s fire, there isn’t always smoke

Solo Stoves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can shop for a compact campfire kit you can use on your tabletop, or grab a community fire pit the whole family can roast s’mores around.

Small fire pits like the Mesa have a tight heating radius and a shorter burn time based on their limited fuel storage. Solo Stove sells specialized fuel pellets, but you can also use regular firewood as long as you check the size specifications for each fire pit. The Mesa has a maximum firewood size of five inches, but a larger stove like the Yukon 2.0 can handle up to eight logs. Plus, you can purchase separate accessories like heat deflectors, lids, and more.

If you’re planning a campfire cookout, take a look at everything that comes with the Bonfire Ultimate Bundle 2.0. That includes the Bonfire, a mid-sized fire pit, a base plate and ash pan, a bonfire shield to prevent escaped embers, a stand, a lid, a weather-resistant cover, handle, and tools to help you tend to your flames. It even comes with specialized cooking gear like roasting sticks for delicious campfire treats.

Enjoy the heat and comfort of your fire without letting the smell cling to your clothes after. Solo Stoves' signature 360-degree Airflow and thick double walls superheat your fire fuel and burn off any smoke before it can get into your clothes, hair, or eyes.

Bring your fire pit almost anywhere

If you want the comfort of a fire pit with the convenience of modern technology, take a look at what Solo Stove has to offer.

Shop for a Solo Stove and save up to $300 on select models.