May 16, 2008 The Svepa bike design employs a frame made from an intelligent combination of plywood and aluminum to create an elegant, practical and eye-catching city bicycle built for two.

Designed by 26 year old Pär Blanking from Sweden, the multi-use Svepa can be ridden like a bicycle or used like a by two people. The second person stands on the on the rear footboard and can contribute to the workload by using the rear-platform as a second kickboard.

The clever use of a metal framework topped by plywood panels (including the seamless integration of a plywood saddle), has resulted in the unique flowing lines which make this the most practical piece of artwork we've seen in quite some time.

The "proof of concept” was recognized earlier this year with second prize in the 12th Annual International Bicycle Design Competition. There's no detail at this stage on whether the Svepa design will move beyond prototype stage.

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