March 26, 2008 There are a few videos doing the rounds on Youtube at present showing people firing the A-SQUARE Hannibal 577 Tyrannosaur rifle and getting blown away with the recoil. It’s not surprising, because the monster gun is actually purpose built to stop charging Rhinos, Hippopotami, rogue elephants and it gained its name because it could indeed stop the biggest dinosaur – it’s the most powerful sporting gun in the world and shoots a 750 gr bullet at 2700 feet per second – the recoil of the 13 pound, US$4000 gun is so powerful that despite three mercury reducers in the butt plus a huge pad area, it kicks like a mule.

There’s also an excellent video of A-SQUARE proprietor Arthur Alphin discussing the gun and its origins with David E. Petzal. Arthur explains that the gun came about from a request from a Namibian professional hunter who had a tourist/client who wounded an elephant just enough to make him very angry, but not enough to kill it, and the hunter’s close call in dealing with the charging elephant.

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