Playing with your phone just got a little more physical, with TheO Ball. The foam ball is designed to hold your phone within its cushioned grasp, allowing you to literally throw your phone around to play games without fear of damage. Created by PhysicalApps, the idea behind TheO Ball is to get you moving rather than sitting around while playing games with your phone. The company recently showed off the ball and a few games it has developed specifically to use alongside it, at the 2012 Toy Fair in NYC.

So, what sorts of apps might you use with a foam ball? Currently, PhysicalApps has three: a hot potato game, a bowling app you can use to compete against people in the same room as well as over the web, and Interrogo, which is a socially interactive game.

You don't need to download one of PhysicalApps applications to enjoy the ball, however. The ball fits both the iPhone and Android devices, and can in theory be used along with any phone with a built-in accelerometer, and with any accelerometer-based game (although games will more than likely need to be written specifically for the ball to maximize its usefulness).

TheO Ball isn't on the market yet, but is expected to be released in May for US$24.95. Each of the apps for the ball will be sold separately, with price tags ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.

Source: PhysicalApps

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