Architect Stefan Hitthaler recently completed an energy-efficient renovation of a mountain chalet in South Tyrol, Italy. Originally constructed in 1973, it was uninhabitable in winter due to poor insulation, but now keeps occupants comfortable, whatever the weather. The architect also made some minor stylistic changes to accentuate its out-of-this-world appearance.

The vacation home, now dubbed UFO, takes the form of a five-sided prism and rests on six concrete pillars. Unlike the Starwars House, Lunar Lander, or the UFO 2.0, its design doesn't look very spaceship- or alien-like. That said, Hitthaler did add a spacecraft-inspired steel ladder that disappears into the wall, and from a certain angle the home looks like it's floating. Either way, it's certainly an attractive-looking dwelling.

The home's exterior, including roof, is clad in larch boards. Inside, the floor is finished in concrete, as are the walls and roof in the basement, while rest of the home's walls and ceiling are finished in fir wood.

The interior measures 61.22 sq m (658 sq ft), and is centered around a main living area that contains seating and four beds. Nearby lies a kitchen, while a bathroom with shower were installed in the basement.

As well as packing the roof and basement with insulation, Hitthaler installed an underfloor heating system, energy-efficient geothermal heat pump, and ventilation systems. These, along with a large fireplace, keep the home a comfortable temperature year-round.

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