UFO sightings could soon become a lot more common if Italian mini-yacht company Jet Capsule gets its way – Unidentified Floating Objects, that is. Having unveiled its floating off-grid home concept earlier this year, the firm is back with an updated and improved version, and plans to turn to the crowd to get it built.

Like its predecessor, the UFO 2.0 is essentially a flying saucer-shaped houseboat that would be built from carbon fiber and fiberglass, and would allow you to sleep with the fishes, literally, with a bedroom that's submerged.

This version is a little bigger and more refined, though. Where the first model was 12.5 m (41 ft) in diameter, the UFO 2.0 would measure 20 m (65 ft) in diameter.

It also now has three levels. The first floor includes the kitchen and bathroom, while upstairs lies a hot tub, a desk and seating, and the controls to maneuver it. The submerged level would have one large bedroom and bathroom as standard, but different configurations would allow for up to four bedrooms. Impressive glazing would let you check out the local sea life.

Jet Capsule envisions the UFO 2.0 as having twin engines, producing a maximum speed of up to 9 knots ( 16 km/h or 10 mph), which is up from 3.5 knots. The home would get its electricity from a combination of solar panels, wind power, and the firm said that a water turbine could also be used. These energy sources would be connected to a 16 battery array.

Besides luxury homes and hotels, the firm also says UFO 2.0 could be used as a gym or floating restaurant.

Jet Capsule told us that to help move this ambitious idea from the drawing board into the sea, it plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. Possible rewards include a night in the UFO 2.0.

All being well, the firm hopes to start delivering the first models in early 2018. We're awaiting word back on the expected cost, but would guess it's somewhere in the region of the first UFO concept, which was estimated at US$200,000.

Source: Jet Capsule

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