The force is strong in South Korea. Local architecture firm Moon Hoon has built a Star Wars-inspired home that would look at home on a George Lucas movie set. The Starwars House was constructed for a family of four on a relatively low budget and shows a sense of fun while remaining a practical family home.

Completed in 2013, the unusual project was conceived when an airline pilot and his former ground crew wife approached Moon Hoon architects to construct a house with a small physical footprint for themselves and their children. Using the fact that the husband had wanted to be an astronaut in his youth as a jumping-off point, the firm brainstormed and eventually settled upon a dwelling that references Star Wars from the outside.

Despite the home’s unusual shape, the interior is comfortable and practical. The three-story home comprises a total floor space of 131 sq m (1,410 sq ft) and features a clean interior finish of plain wood and white walls. Its many windows also allow for plenty of natural light which helps the rooms look larger than they really are..

The first two floors feature the home's living quarters, bathroom and kitchen, but the third floor is given over to play. An operable bookshelf serves as a hidden door, and opens to reveal a play area with a slide and "control room" for the future Jedis of the house to learn how to mind trick people into doing their chores for them.

The Starwars House cost a total of 200 million KRW (around US$192,000).

Source: Moon Hoon

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