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Verizon and Samsung launch first 3.2 MPX camera phone in U.S.

Verizon and Samsung launch first 3.2 MPX camera phone in U.S.
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July 10, 2006 It’s taking some time in comparison to genuinely advanced countries such as Korea, but the level of picture quality of camera phones is finally approaching an acceptable level thanks to the Samsung SCH-a990 via Verizon Wireless. In addition to a 3.2 megapixel camera phone, the SCH-a990 boasts video recording capabilities, V CAST to view video and V CAST Music to download music directly to the phone and Bluetooth to allow a customer to print pictures wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled printer basic print profile. The SCH-a990 has a unique design that looks first like a phone and then, when the screen is rotated 180 degrees, like a camera. This design, along with the high resolution and features such as a flash and in-camera photo editing software, make the SCH-a990 the first mobile device that is as much a camera as it is a multimedia phone.

The SCH-a990 is also a strong V CAST multimedia phone with full music, video and game capabilities on a high-resolution screen. V CAST Music lets customers play music on their wireless phones -- the same device they have come to rely upon for entertainment, information and mobile communication. V CAST customers can browse, preview, download and play high-quality digital music from their SCH-a990 over Verizon Wireless' broadband network -- the most award-winning wireless broadband network in the nation -- or from the Verizon Wireless V CAST Music online store using a personal computer.

With V CAST on the SCH-a990, customers can view video clips from the hottest names in entertainment, news, sports and more in the palms of their hands. V CAST is currently available to more than 150 million Americans from coast to coast.

"The launch of the a990 marks the first time a multimedia phone is fully integrated with a high resolution camera in the U.S.," said Peter Skarzynski, senior vice president, Samsung. "With a design that feels and looks like a phone and camera, Samsung's a990 is the premier print quality camera phone for photo enthusiasts in the U.S. market."

The new SCH-a990 also supports Verizon Wireless' VZ Navigator, a tool for customers that includes mapping, audible turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find over 14 million points of interest.

The SCH-a990 is available for US$349.99 after a US$50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement and is available online

View gallery - 11 images
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