Visteon Corporation is known as a global supplier of automotive supplies, not as an exotic car designer. Climate controls, interior amenities, mobile applications and electronics are all part of its daily fare. So why would a supplier go out of its way to create something as stunning as the relatively unknown Yangfeng Visteon Glide Concept?

Unveiled last year in Beijing, the Glide Concept caught our eye at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

One part Lamborghini Aventador, two parts Porsche 918, one-third McLaren P1 and two parts Acura NSX, this open-topped, gull winged beauty is the work of Shizuki Kajiyama, Visteon's Design Studio Manager. According to Shizuki the reasoning for the Glide Concept’s existence is business driven: Demonstrate Yangfeng Visteon’s exterior design abilities and generate and secure future clients and work from the concept. Where most companies would be happy with a computer rendered, or scaled down clay model as a marketing tool, Yangfeng Visteon felt a full sized concept was needed to make an effective business case. In business this is known as exceeding expectations and certain Gen Y individuals could learn a thing or two here.

Built over eight months in 2011, Shizuki and team started first with Glide’s aerospace styled interior. After the team was satisfied with the interior design and treatment they moved on to the fantastical exterior treatment which plays off the interior design so as to keep the finished piece aesthetically holistic.

Chinese silk was used as the inspiration for the fluid, dynamic exterior design. From the rear, narrowed brake lights appear sleepy eyed inside a sculpted tail while twin cockpit fairings flow back to an integrated rear spoiler. Strategically located exterior lights further highlight the Glide Concept’s unique lines and aggressive characteristics and at the front, headlights and a swooping W-styled grille lurk beneath a swept-back hood.

Visteon’s goal of creating a physical example of its design abilities definitely exceeded expectations. The concept is sure to succeed in its goal of generating work for Yangfeng Visteon’s design team, but unfortunately there are currently no plans to put the Glide Concept into production.

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