Only 15 White Shadows were produced, which makes them the rarest version of the second most desirable motorcycle to collectors (Brough Superior is the most coveted marque). It was therefore logical that this bike, which went to auction in Las Vegas last night, would join the other 14 Vincent V-twins in the top 100 motorcycles of all time.

In selling for US$224,250 this motorcycle becomes the second White Shadow to make the top 100 list, with a 1954 model having sold for £81,800 (US$163,461) in April, 2007 at a Bonhams sale in London.

Interestingly, this particular bike (Frame no. RC6376A
 Engine no. F10AB/1A/4476) has sold previously at auction and is one of 10 Vincents that occupy the most-expensive-motorcycles-ever-sold list between positions 101 and 125.

It was sold by Bonhams for US$111,150 at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in May, 2009, though when it sold last, it had been painted a distinctly non-traditional "Chinese Red Ivory" color as pictured above.

It was hence interesting to see what six years and a return to absolute originality did to the price, given that a 1955 Series C Black Shadow sold for £124,700 (US$202,824) in 2012 and a 1952 Series C Black Shadow sold for £113,500 (US$175,698) in 2013.

Both of those bikes have unusual and particularly desirable provenance, but being one of only 15 White Shadows ever made is pretty special too, and they don't come up all that often. To get an idea of how much they have appreciated in value, check out this White Shadow which sold for £43,300 in 2007.

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