Aston Martin is well into the fun stages of testing with its upcoming DBX SUV, and has released photos and video of the heavily disguised prototype getting nicely sideways on a Welsh rally stage with Chief Engineer Matt Becker behind the wheel.

We've known for some time that Aston's had a luxury SUV in development to go alongside its all-electric Lagonda brand SUV, but now we know the first SUV to carry the Aston Martin badge will be called the DBX, and we get our first glimpses of it on the go.

Seriously on the go, too. In a previous life at Lotus, Becker headed up the dynamic development of the series 2 Elise and Evora, and from the look of the video, he's got some decent chops behind the wheel to back up his engineering nous.

The ruts, rocks and mud of high-speed off-roading are new to Aston Martin, so the team will be taking this car to the ends of the Earth to define and tailor its performance characteristics. As well as this Welsh rally stage, they'll be taking it to the Arctic for snow and ice testing, the Middle East for desert testing, and the Nurburgring to make sure it's a hoot on tarmac, too.

We're not going to get a full spec or undisguised photos until the end of 2019, so don't hold your breath. Just enjoy some nice video of a speedy SUV pretending to be a rally car.

Source: Aston Martin

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