Traveling on a private business jet may be a step up even from First Class, but the seats still leave something to be desired. Claiming to be the first major change in the business aircraft seat in 30 years, Bombardier Business Aircraft's new Nuage seat makes its debut on the company's Global 7000 aircraft. The new handcrafted seat, available in a selection of leathers and other materials, incorporates a number of new features for greater comfort.

For passengers on long-haul (or even short-haul) flights, seating is a major factor in the difference between an enjoyable trip and a feeling like an airborne veal calf. Even in the luxury of a private jet's cabin, an improved seat can be a marketing plus, so it isn't surprising that aircraft manufacturers keep tweaking the designs.

For the Nuage, Bombardier isn't just concentrating on the upholstery or the leg room. It's also diving into ergonomics. The new seat boasts five new patented systems, including a deep recline function that uses a tilt-link system that dips the seat as the back reclines. Normally, only the back moves in an aircraft seat, so the dip keeps the spine fully supported and avoids placing pressure on the legs.

Another feature is the fluid movement system that works with a patented floating base. This lets the chair track and swivel easily without the need for visible floor rails, and the central swivel axis keeps the seat's point of rotation centered for simple, precise turning. In addition, the Nuage has a tilting headrest that Bombardier says is designed for optimal neck support in any position, so passengers can read or watch television while reclined.

"In designing the Nuage seat, we examined every conceivable passenger need and comfort that might arise while seated in flight and launched our process from there," says Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

The video below introduces the Nuage seat.

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