One major feature missing from Apple's iPhone, that's commonplace on many high-end Android devices, is near field communication (NFC). This allows NFC-capable devices to interact with one another, to make no-contact payments at businesses, or even to lock and unlock NFC-enabled door locks. Calypso Crystal is hoping to rectify the situation with its new CalypsoKey.

The CalypsoKey works with one of Calypso's other products, the CalypsoCase iPhone case. The small NFC device hides inside of the case, and uses a dual-band RFID antenna to perform its NFC functions. Calypso Crystal says that the antenna is compatible with most RFID NFC systems worldwide, so you shouldn't be limited in what you can do with the device.

Because the CalypsoKey supports a wide range of NFC devices, most RFID cards can be programmed into it, making it quite a versatile little piece of hardware.

The CalypsoCases come in plenty of styles and colors, but they are all made from leather, which is stylish, but may not suit the tastes of all users. The most affordable option is the CalypsoCase Loop, which has a US$119 price tag (including a CalypsoKey). The CalypsoCase Cabrio and CalypsoCase Ring will set you back $129.

The Loop and Ring both hold the phone over the front and back, while the Cabrio locks the phone in on the back only. While all styles of cases are available for both the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, the NFC capability is only available on the iPhone 5 models.

iPhone users looking for NFC functionality might also want to check out the FloJack NFC reader/writer.

The video below demonstrates the CalypsoKey in action.

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