For skiers and snowboarders, nothing can ruin a good day on the hill faster than an equipment malfunction. Enter the CL!CK Carabiner, a handy tool designed for winter sport enthusiasts to fix binding issues without having to go back to the lodge, or even worse, stop riding completely if out in the back country.

The carabiner tool comes in two flavors, one for skiers and one for snowboarders. Each features the same overall design, with some of the same key features. The only difference comes from the specific tools offered by each of them.

With the ski tool, buyers get a #2 Phillips head screwdriver that can be adjusted to 90- and 180-degree angles. A #3 Phillips is also included, as is a bottle opener. The last tool, and the one that is only on the ski version, is a large slot screwdriver, which is made specifically for adjusting ski bindings.

With the snowboard version, the #2 and #3 Phillips is still included, as is the bottle opener. The large slot screwdriver is replaced with a 3-mm and 4-mm hex wrench, which is the tool required for fixing and adjusting snowboard bindings.

One of the key features shared by both is the ability to use the tools without the rider taking off his or her gloves. This is critical for those in bitter cold situations, as it minimizes the frostbite risk of working with tools without gloves.

Mark Schmid, the creator of CL!CK Carabiner, is seeking funding on Kickstarter. The device still has a ways to go before it reaches its US$50,000 goal. Buyers interested in purchasing either device can do so for a minimum pledge of $14 while the early specials last.

The pitch video below provides more information about the device.

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