• Although there already are exercise machines that simulate skiing, rowing and other sports, they're usually separate devices that are fairly large. Whipr takes a different approach, consisting of a base unit that works with multiple attachments.
  • The US may not have Europe's market of affordable, mass-produced camper vans, but it holds its own in off-grid vans custom-built around adventure sports. Many are focused on summer, but Titan offers a Sprinter year-rounder built for ski/surf bums.
  • The much-anticipated CopenHill project is an inspired combination of a waste-to-energy power plant and a ski slope in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • ​If you've been downhill skiing even once, then you'll know how hard it can be to walk around in the rigid, unyielding ski boots. Swiss company Dahu is addressing that problem, with a two-part system that consists of a flexible inner liner boot and a hinged outer shell.
  • ​Whether you call them beanies, tuques or simply wool hats, a lot of downhill skiers wear the things instead of helmets, as they're so much more comfortable. Well, that's why the ANTI Ordinary A1 was created. It's usually soft and pliable, but hardens to protect the head upon impact.
  • Roam Robotics is on a mission to develop exoskeletons for all kinds of activities, but its first prototype product is aimed at skiers. The new ski exoskeleton Roam is showing off can help bolster your technique and give you more time out on the slopes, without getting in the way of your fun.
  • One of the innovative young brands that really impressed during the recent ISPO Munich show, Advenate has several multipurpose tools for backcountry snow sports. The headliner is an avalanche shovel that includes a probe in its handle and a light, compact emergency shelter in its blade.
  • ​While there are already various types of winter sportswear textiles that are claimed to draw sweat away from the skin while still keeping the wearer warm, HYDRO_BOT is certainly unique. Developed by a consortium that includes Switzerland's Empa research group, it utilizes gold and electricity.
  • Although downhill skiing itself is a lot of fun, trying to walk around in the boots can be … challenging. It was with this limitation in mind that British skier and entrepreneur Rony Shirion designed Zuke, a permanent attachment that brings a curved sole to ski boots.
  • Remember when you were a kid playing outside and mom called out that it was time for lunch? You leapt up and fired on all cylinders to get home. Pro skier Filip Flisar recently took this concept to the next level, racing over snowy streets propelled by a jetpack.
  • ​If you like listening to music while on the slopes, you can wear earbuds beneath your helmet, or you can get a helmet with built-in speakers. The former can be fiddly, however, while the latter doesn't let you hear your tunes once you take the helmet off. That's why Unit 1 created the Soundshield.
  • We've seen some interesting evolutions of established avalanche safety technologies over the years, but the latest product in the category brings more flash. Using pyrotechnics, the Resero XV system​ blows snowboard binding straps clean off at the pull of a wearable trigger.
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