Display your prized NFT artwork with this innovative display

Display your prized NFT artwork with this innovative display
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Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are rising, bringing with them new ways to display art. These anti-glare screen Tokenframes bring your prized NFTs straight onto your walls, shelves, tabletops — helping create your own personal gallery.

If you're relatively new to the trend, you may still be catching up on what exactly NFTs have to do with the art world. An NFT is a unique digital representation of a commodity — a work of art for our purposes. It's similar to a certificate of authenticity or a deed, making it a unique blockchain purchase. NFTs have been all the rage, and the trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. With entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and celebrities using their influence to spearhead the movement, digital art is where it's at these days. So, how can you display your artwork around your home if everything is digital?

Tokenframe™ NFT Display

The TBLTP Tokenframe, a 11.5" x 8.4" frame specifically built to house your prized art, brings you seamless access to your digital files in high-quality 1080p resolution. Simply log into your NFT wallet account via Metamask, Fortmatic, or WalletConnect and connect your profile with the Tokenframe app (it's non-custodial, so you can rest assured that they'll never have access to your NFTs or private key). Your art will be mirrored on a bright 10" frame display that lets you control how it's displayed.

With various settings, you'll be able to change the digital border's color, the art's width, how many images you show, and much more directly from its dedicated app. Customizable slideshows allow you to pick and choose which pieces to display and how often to change the rotation. Even scheduling options will enable you to power off your display while you sleep or are out and about, saving you energy.

The frame comes in a bespoke wooden frame complete with a white mat border that elevates your artwork. Other features include built-in speakers, an auto-switch orientation, and a tabletop stand, giving you plenty of options to absorb and enjoy your beautiful masterpieces. In the words of MEDIUM: "Gallery and Tokenframe: Premium NFT art meets sophisticated NFT Display."

Get the 10" TBLTP Tokenframe NFT Display in three striking finishes: refined redwood, charcoal black, or golden oak for only $283 each (Reg. $333). Save $50 today and let your digital art do the talking.

Prices subject to change