Build a better golf swing with $40 off this at-home simulator

Build a better golf swing with $40 off this at-home simulator
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Summer has fully launched and golf courses are once again crowded across the country. If you're really ready to invest in trimming down scores and improving your swing, the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator presents an affordable at-home solution.

Few things are more frustrating in competitive sports than failing to find a consistent golf swing. Those struggles can damper an 18-hole experience and potentially cost you a few bucks over a friendly wager.

When searching for ways to improve, plenty of people turn to expensive resources such as private training or a club membership. In the case of this TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, a current discount drops the one-time cost to only $189 (reg. $229).

No matter the weather or work schedule, users can rest assured that they'll get some practice swings in at their convenience from the comfort of home. This immersive package comes equipped with an innovative sensor and swing trainer, serving up experiences on nearly 100 different courses, featuring world-famous golf venues.

The TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator carries an Amazon rating of 4.1 stars out of five and provides a legitimate impact sensation that makes your swings feel natural. The complete bundle includes a swing analyzer and courses rendered by advanced software to create a 3D experience for users.

TruGolf Mini

Along the way, stroke by stroke, TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator gathers post-swing analysis and data that can be collected and sorted for personal improvement. This way you'll be able to tangibly take the lessons learned in your living room to the first tee of your next live round.

Forget about paying a per-hour fee or constraining yourself to practice at a specific location on rain-free days. Approach your next round with confidence, drop your score, and impress friends with the results by picking up the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for only $189 (reg. $229).

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