Riding up almost vertical inclines, hopping over rocky obstacles or just coming to a dead stop in the middle of a log are among the many thrills to be had from motorcycle trials riding. Traditionally accompanied by the clatter of noisy engines, electric motos have recently added a quieter element to the skillful sport. France's Electric Motion has updated its line of electric motos with three Epure trials bikes and an off-road Escape model.

Electric Motion's Epure low riders with high tails to the rear have a seat height of 670 mm (26.3 in). The Lite is the standard model of the range, the Sport gains improved suspension and the Race is reported to be the first homologated (in Europe) trials e-bike to come with a diaphragm clutch.

The top speed for all Epure e-motos has been bumped to 65 km/h (40 mph), an increase of 5 km/h on this year's EM Sport bike, and the torque is now 600 Nm (442.5 lb.ft), which is 100 Nm more than the current model.

The most notable improvement is in the range department, with the Li-ion battery in the 2020 models able to roll for 43 km (26 mi), or between 100 and 240 minutes, depending on riding style. Charge time is 3 hours and 20 minutes, though a more powerful charger is available as an option that will cut over an hour off that time.

The Escape upgrade also sees range increased to 61 km, or 160 to 290 minutes, an increase in top speed to 75 km/h and torque going up to 450 Nm (compared to the 2019 Escape's 38 km per charge, 70 km/h top speed and 350 Nm of torque). The seat, such that it is, is 810 mm from the ground.

The Epure Lite is priced at €5,990 (about US$6,770) for the off-road version, or €6,260 for a flavor that's road legal in Europe. The Epure Sport is €7,180 (off-road) or €7,320 (road legal in EU), and the Epure Race comes in at €7,750 (off-road) or €7,890 (road legal in EU). The 2020 Escape has a €7,590 (off-road) or €7,730 (road legal in EU) price tag.

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