May 21, 2009 The Encase Portable has simplified the task of searching a corporate computers and databases for incriminating or illegal material. Unlike existing computer forensics solutions, EnCase Portable runs on a USB drive rather than a notebook, making it easier and quicker investigators to boot a target computer to the USB drive and run a pre-configured data search and retrieval.

The EnCase Portable, from Guidance Software, can be used by law enforcement and government agencies, corporations or law firms to electronically discover or acquire a range of information from a host computer. Users, even if they are not trained in forensics, can hunt through documents, internet history and artifacts, images and other digital evidence, including entire hard drives, with a few simple keyboard clicks.

According to Victor Limongelli, president and CEO of Guidance Software, “It is easy to use, fast and preserves digital evidence in the court-vetted evidence file format for which EnCase is known.”

The EnCase Portable has a 4GB drive but can be linked to larger USB devices. The product is expected to be available from about July. For more information visit Guidance Software.

David Greig