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Forum8 demos driving simulator at 3D and VR Expo

Forum8 demos driving simulator at 3D and VR Expo
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At the 3D and VR Expo in Tokyo, Japanese company Forum8 demonstrated the company's UC-win/Road Drive Simulator software.

The software allows for custom maps and environments to be created according to your specifications. You can control the environment and location, the terrain and street layout, or construct buildings, bridges, and tunnels. You can even adjust the traffic, weather conditions, and even time of day. The minute details in the graphics are impressive, even showing barely noticeable elements such as the signal lights on individual vehicles.

The company cooperated with Subaru to create a robocar featuring triple-displays and six axis of movement that correspond to on-screen motion. It's hard not to get giddy when faced with a machine like this, as it very much resembled an arcade-style driving game. Of course, it's a little more sophisticated than that.

The triple-screen display makes for a very realistic simulation, rending the UC-win/Road virtual environment not just in front of you but on either side as well, filling your entire field of vision.

According to Forum8's literature, the entire system (UC-win/Road Advanced, drive simulator option, motion platform option, and the Subaru simulator) sells for US$100,500. Some representatives also made mention of a SDK (software developer's kit) which other individuals or companies might use for various purposes.

Forum8 does have a number of global partners so if you're interested in this software but you're outside Japan, you might try getting in contact with their regional offices.

Forum8 demos driving simulator at 3D and VR Expo

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