ElekTex Smart Fabric keyboard goes wireless

ElekTex Smart Fabric keyboard goes wireless
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January 16, 2006 Let’s get one thing straight before we start – we hate the QWERTY keyboard. It was invented some time in the 1860s yet still exists today as the principal Computer Human Interface (CHI) and the main limitation we face every day in getting information into computers, as it was designed a century before humanity knew diddly about CHI design. It makes computers bigger than they need to be, is responsible for more lower back, shoulder and RSI pain than seems right, and … well, because we’re old dogs, and have trouble learning new tricks, we appear stuck with this technological curse. Thanks – we feel much better having shared that. Now, there’s a new keyboard for tiny devices that makes lots of sense - the ElekTex Smart Fabric keyboard is designed for Smart phones, PDAs and handheld devices, is lightweight, portable, full laptop-sized and now … wireless.

The new lightweight and flexible keyboard designed for portable computing and communications devices uses Bluetooth connectivity, is 100% fabric, water-repellent, super durable, and comes with a mobile phone/PDA stand. Weighing 2.4oz, the standard ElekTex keyboard design is the most portable keyboard on the market and it can be rolled up when not in use to fit easily in a pocket or handbag.

The keyboard’s standard design includes a charcoal gray fabric keyboard and the electronics plastic housing has an embedded LED to show keyboard status and Bluetooth connectivity status.

The Eleksen smart keyboard sensor, electronics and Bluetooth interface is available for entities interested in designing or manufacturing their own, branded smart fabric keyboard interfaces for the growing market of highly portable and mobile computing devices. This reference design can be scaled to support different keypad sizes and covering materials.

View gallery - 8 images
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