myCharger USB power adapter for multiple devices

myCharger USB power adapter fo...
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7 different adapter tips
7 different adapter tips
Retractable prongs
Retractable prongs
Optional international travel pack
Optional international travel pack

July 4, 2007 Mobile phones and MP3 players are incredibly useful travelling companions but inevitably you end up with an array of different charging set-ups cluttering the console of your car or getting tangled in your luggage. myCharger solves this by offering a USB power adapter and a range of different tips that enable multiple devices to be powered-up via a single charging unit. As well as being suitable for use with iPod and most flavors of mobile phone, add-on adapters are available for other 5V devices including Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, PDAs and portable media players.

The standard myCharger kit comes with a retractable USB cable, Mini USB adapter tip for Motorola, BlackBerry and other devices plus adapter tips for LG, Nokia (2 types), Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

The power adapter features retractable prongs for easier storage and an optional travel pack includes interchangeable international plugs for use abroad.

myCharger is available via Tekkeon at a cost of US$24.95.

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