Grundig has a well earned reputation for producing audio-visual gear of exceptional quality and its latest flagship LCD TV offering is no exception. Due to hit stores in Europe this month, the key feature of the Vision 9 range is its integrated sound projector - an array of 16 cone speakers located in a sound bar beneath the screen combined with two rear facing sub-woofers in the back of the housing. The system replicates the surround sound of 5.1 systems by activating the individual speakers with a small delay to produce directional packets of sound waves that are reflected off walls at different points around the room.

In terms of picture quality, the Vision 9 offers full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution with a refresh rate of 100 hertz and "Motion Picture Improvement Technology" designed to prevent motion blur during fast moving action. There's also a “Movie Mode” which shows 24 images per second enabling cinema films to be replayed as they were intended to look via Blu-ray disc, HD DVD or HD DVB set top boxes.

Connectivity to peripheral devices is well covered with four HDMI connections meeting 1.3 CEC standard (so compatible 1.3 CEC peripheral appliances such as DVD players can be controlled using the TV remote control, regardless of the brand).

The Grundig Vision 9 will be available in 37", 42" and 47" screen sizes from September 2008. The only catch seems to be that you'll need to make sure that your viewing room is of uniform dimensions.

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