A joint collaboration between Under Armour and HTC, the Healthbox features a fitness tracker, heart rate sensor strap and smart scale: pretty much everything you need to begin monitoring your health and lifestyle, in one red box. All your collated data feeds back into the UA Record app for Android and iOS, freshly revamped to mark the arrival of the new hardware.

Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, each of the Healthbox components are available separately, but you can save yourself some cash by buying them in the bundle. It looks like the fitness band part of the package is a successor to the HTC Grip that was cancelled last year.

First up there's the UA Band, an activity and sleep tracker with an LED indicator and discreet touchscreen. It plays nicely with the UA Heart Rate Strap, which fits around your chest and beams information to the Band via Bluetooth. These products will set you back US$180 for the Band and $80 for the Strap if you want to buy them separately.

Under Armour has something for your bathroom floor as well. The UA Scale is a stylish-looking, Wi-Fi-enabled scale that keeps track of your weight and body fat percentage. If you don't like the look of the Healthbox pack, then this too is available separately for $180.

The whole package is available to pre-order now for $400, with shipping scheduled for January 22 in the US. You can certainly put together a fitness band/heart rate tracker/smart scale combination for less than that, but here you're buying three devices that you know will work smoothly with one another, and with the accompanying app. HTC and UA say the product will be rolling out internationally through 2016.

Source: Under Armour

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