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Human Touch Portable Massage Pad: take relaxation with you

Human Touch Portable Massage P...
Human Touch HT-1470 massage pad
Human Touch HT-1470 massage pad
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Human Touch HT-1470 massage pad
Human Touch HT-1470 massage pad

January 7, 2008 Massage is considered a great tool for an active and healthy lifestyle and in recent years a number of effective, purpose-built massage chairs have appeared on the market. These devices do suffer from one drawback however - you can't take them with you. The solution from Human Touch is to go portable - its new HT-1470 back massage pad is specially designed to fit on almost any sofa, home or office chair, providing a go-anywhere, heated massage to knead out tough knots and keep the blood flowing at any time of day.

The HT-1470 massage pad is designed with super active individuals and deskdwellers in mind. Both lifestyles can take their toll and create tension in the back and neck. With back heat and a memory foam seat cushion, the back pad is designed to bring comfort to sore muscles while the kneading and rolling covers the entire length of the back. The 11 pound pad provides 25% greater back-area coverage than competing massage pads according to Human Touch. Once the built-in heating system prepares muscles for an optimal massage, the bi-level massage nodes generate fingertip and thumb pressure kneading and rolling motions designed to replicate expert massage therapist techniques. Users can personalize their experience with push-buttons that allow them to turn heat on or off, select a full back massage and target coverage to the middle and lower back.

Human Touch has created the portable solution to compliment its range of high-performance massage chairs. “In designing the HT-1470, we looked at robotic massage technology and functionality from a completely fresh perspective,” says lead engineer, Hans Dehli, senior vice president, Research and Development. “Our goal was to redefine the potential of massage robotics to minimize the thickness of the mechanism, portability and weight, while maintaining the industry-leading massage quality for which human touch is renowned.”

The pad comes in black with silver accents and retails for USD$249.99. Human Touch will be presenting the HT-1470 massage pad at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology.

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