Dedicated winter anglers will travel long distances across frozen lakes, in order to reach prime ice-fishing spots. While many of these fishermen use a snowmobile to do so, such vehicles can cost US$10,000 or more to buy new. Wisconsin-based sportsman Adam Ford, however, has come up with an alternative. He's created an ice-going go-kart that utilizes the motor of an ice auger, which the user would be carrying with them anyway.

To use what Ford calls the Ice Auger Machine, ice fishermen just uncouple the motor from their existing auger, and mount it on the front of the cart. That motor then powers a chain drive, that turns the rear wheels. The auger, along with the rest of the user's gear, is towed behind in a sled. Once they reach their destination, the motor can be quickly put back on the auger, so that a hole can be drilled in the ice.

The current prototype is fairly simple, weighing in at around 105 lb (48 kg) and traveling at a maximum speed of about 10 mph (16 km/h). Adam tells us that he's working on an improved model, however, which he plans on selling in a limited run in order to fund large-scale production. It will incorporate features such as a lighter tubular aluminum frame, a chain guard, foot rests, and a seat that swivels sideways once the cart has stopped, giving the user a place to sit while they fish.

... and yes, he also plans on using larger wheels, the front two of which can be swapped with snowmobile skis.

Ford is currently trying to raise funds for his first run of Ice Auger Machines via a Kickstarter campaign, with a pledge of $600 getting backers a cart when and if they reach production. Not much has been happening with that campaign so far, although potential buyers or investors can also contact him through his project's Facebook page if they wish to set something up with him individually.

You can see a demo of the prototype, in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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