The I.C.E. Stove puts a unique spin on the multitool. Not only can the wood stove cook dinner and boil water in the wild, it can saw the firewood and crack a beer. The stove then breaks down into four panels that pack flat and weigh less than a pound (0.5 kg) in your backpack.

We know that multitools come in many forms – from shovels, to hatchets, to snowboards and beyond – but the idea of a camping stove multitool would have never occurred to us if we hadn't stumbled upon the I.C.E. on the floor of this year's Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. The simple, smart contraption consists of four stainless steel panels that quickly assemble into a compact wood stove.

While three of the I.C.E.'s panels are simple stove walls, the fourth is a seven-function tool. It packs a bottle opener, can opener, wrench, screwdriver, wing nut wrench, ruler and saw. We doubt you'd want to use the saw to cut up thick, meaty trunks, but it is sharp to the touch, and the grip feels comfortable enough for cutting smaller logs and branches into fuel, so long as you wear gloves.

The I.C.E. is aimed at the likes of hikers, backpackers and hunters. Thanks to its flat, portable design and eight functions, it helps save space and weight in the pack. Because it's powered by wood and other biomatter, users can find fuel in the wilderness instead of carrying it in.

The I.C.E. is made in Colorado and available for US$49.99. A rep told us they're working on incorporating an electrical generator and USB charger, which would make it similar to the BioLite Stove. That generator could presumably be used to power a fan and increase the stove's efficiency, too.

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